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Business Events

Events - Conferences for Startups, Entrepreneurs & Enterprises

Grow your network. Explore business events in Mumbai.

Sports Events

Events - Conferences for Startups, Entrepreneurs & Enterprises

Exercising and playing sports increase the flow of oxygen in the body. join the next riathlon or cycling activities happening .

Arts Events

Exhibitions, Performance & Theatre Events Tickets

Ever wanted to volunteer in those nukkad nataks or street shows? Wish to learn the basics of painting?

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When you get right down to it, success is all about value and trust.

Destination Management Company

A destination management company (DMC) may appear on the surface to be a competitor to a local event planner, given its focus on maintaining relationships with all local venues and hospitality services.

Communications Consultant

A tremendous amount of information must be communicated to clients and guests, but many event planners do not have the unique expertise to produce all communication materials like invitations, agendas, conference materials, etc.. They can even assist in the production materials.

Stationery Designer

The more intimate an event, the more flexibility with the style of paper materials that can be used. Local or online stationery shops have incredible options, and most papers today can be printed on using an inkjet printer which can add some cost-savings.

Promotional Products Distributor

One of the rules of any event is to never let a guest go home empty handed. Regardless of whether you are planning a client meeting, seminar, conference, trade show, incentive trip, or the like, one thing remains common: your guests should receive and take home a relevant gift item.


his is a budget item that many clients like to avoid, but a great photographer will capture the essence of an event or multiple day programs and give guests a keepsake. Having a few great photographers in your network can be especially invaluable when you are hired to plan a more personal event like a wedding.

Private Caterer

Not every event takes place at a hotel or restaurant where catering services are automatically provided. Internal meetings and events are oftentimes planned at the organizations themselves, and catering is ordered and delivered. Some of the most unique event venues like art parks will also require private catering services.

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We’ll be with you on every walk of life on how to identify new opportunities.


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